First Post! First Post!

Here we go, post #1!

I’m Talia, a 22 year old brand-new college graduate with a degree in Cinema and Television Arts. And I really really like Jesus.

I was raised in the Catholic Church. My earliest memories are sitting in the pew between my parents, drawing on the back of the collection envelope while listening to my childhood pastor, Father George, give a dynamic homily. (I distinctly recall one homily that involved a toy sheep.)

My mom, a devout Catholic who taught catechism at our parish, surrounded me with God. I had countless books on Jesus and the saints, a large children’s Bible, a cross above my bedroom door, pictures of angels on my wall. Every morning in the car we’d sing praise songs, and each day ended with me reciting my prayers: the Glory Be, the Our Father, and the Hail Mary. Even after my first communion, I was enrolled in post-communion classes, continuing to learn about my faith.

In high school, however, I found myself lost. My hereditary depression began to manifest itself in full force. I grew angry with the idea of God and rejected Him. How, I wondered, could this incredible, loving God my mom talked about let me feel this way? I even went to my confirmation coordinator and told him I did not want to be confirmed because I didn’t believe in any of it. It was a difficult time.

Of course, God did not give up. One night while attending a youth group meeting, a song’s lyrics broke through:

So take me as You find me–all my fears and failures.

Fill my life again.

I saw all the anger and pain in my heart. The emptiness that had formed within me.  I had not allowed God to fill the void. In pushing Him further away, I had only widened the empty hole in my heart. In that moment, at fifteen years old, I sincerely asked God to fill that hole.

And He has not left my heart since.

After confirmation, I went to a regional leadership retreat, where God lit a fire within me that has not gone out in the six years since. I became a youth group leader at my parish and found my passion for ministry.

As I went off to college four years ago, the first thing my mom made me do was find a church. We discovered a parish close to my apartment where I could attend mass. Soon, I found myself volunteering with the youth ministry, where I really found my home. I helped with youth nights, retreats, confirmation classes, chaperoning events, whatever I could do. And I loved every moment of it. Through this, I found my vocation: spreading the Gospel.

So here I am, home from college, jobless, a little aimless, (kinda scared), wondering what in the world comes next.  As I try to discern God’s plan for the next part of my life, I figure this is a good way to start: a blog! I’ll be posting reflections, updates on my life and spiritual journey, lists, reviews, whatever feels right. Let’s do this!


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